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Naudia "@JustCallMeNas" Miller


Entrepreneur. Producer. Educator. Queen Mother. Revolutionary. Spiritual Warrior. CEO. Vocalist. Lover. Empath. Pisces Moon. Director. Cultural Curator. Writer. Dreamer. Magic. Friend. Collaborator. Partner. Black Woman. Prophet. Designer. Boss. Preacher. Storyteller. Playlist lover. So Seattle. Innovator. Believer. Peace Keeper. Mentor. Leader. Healer. Empath. Intuitive. Humanitarian. Changemaker. Stylist. Heir. Survivor. 



To partner with local entrepreneurs and organizations to create high quality experiences and businesses.

To create space for and celebrate the displaced and under-represented communities of Seattle through these partnerships.

To create opportunities for said communities to control, manage and own space in a city that has rapidly gentrified.

To honor our elders and ancestors by continuing to build on the foundation they laid for future generations.


Services & Events