Entrepreneur. Educator. Mother. Revolutionary. Vocalist.

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Naudia Miller

But please, you can just call me Nas. A Seattle native, I have over 15 years of cultural & creative industry experience.


With a strong management background I take pride and pleasure in curating exceptional experiences in a variety of cultural settings.

I specialize in navigating conversations. I ask the hard questions which get results.


Heavily influenced by community work during my youth, I live by the motto "treat others with the respect you wish to receive".

This mindset has served me well as I navigate the"-isms" of climbing the corporate ladder.


In 2016, I invested in myself and launched my first business Pacific Empire LLC. with the sole purpose of generating economic wealth in the black community through ownership.


In partnership with Black & Tan Hall, I developed their corporate strategy through an equity and social justice lens. 

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To partner with local entrepreneurs and organizations to create high quality experiences and businesses.

To create space for and celebrate the displaced and under-represented communities of Seattle through these partnerships.

To create opportunities for said communities to control, manage and own space in a city that has rapidly gentrified.

To honor our elders and ancestors by continuing to build on the foundation they laid for future generations.


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