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Black is Beautiful: Femme

Updated: Jan 21

June 2020 in response to the viscous murder of George Floyd and countless other black bodies, a revolution sparked across our nation and the world.

In Seattle after several days of 24 hour peaceful protests on Capitol Hill at the East Precinct of the Seattle Police Department; officers abandoned their building. After this happened several city blocks became known as "CHAZ"(capitol hill autonomous zone) and then in response to President Donald Trumps threatening tweets,"CHOP"(capitol hill occupied protest). Regardless of the ever changing title, the space was held as a place of peaceful protest in honor of the black lives matter movement and in response to the call to end anti-Black racism in America.

Black leaders were present and decentralized. Not one of us knew the extent to which we would be involved when we stepped on the ground those first few days of June.

Seeing a need to create space for Black Womxn and Femmes a teach-in was curated called 'Black is Beautiful: Femme'. My family and I hosted a series of Black Femme identifying humans who shared stories, speeches and poetry with a crowd of thousands.

The response to 'Black is Beautiful: Femme' was amazing. Womxn of all creeds and colors expressed their gratitude for opportunity to hear the conversation and be acknowledged in a movement that felt over run by male ego.

This playlist was inspired by the beauty of that day 6/13/2020.

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