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March 2021 Tidal Playlist

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Pisces season was real.

Tidal users, here is a link to the playlist so you can catch the whole vibe:

Nas' March 2021 Playlist

Non Tidal users, yall can get a snippet from the player at the bottom of this chapter.

I definetly started out the month and ended the month deep in my feels and in a very good way.

March began with me getting into the series 'High Fidelity' on Hulu starring Zoe Kravitz. You can thank the show for track 1 of this month's playlist, 'I Can't Stand the Rain' Ann Peebles. And shoutout to Kiya for the recommendation, she's been telling me for a hot minute that I would be into the show and sure enough- I am totally into it.

As a lover of playlist curation and a deeply emotional Piscean individual the program resonated, to say the least. I don't indulge in series too often but I finished season 1 and I'm looking forward to the next season.

Following the intro track this playlist gets into the perfect set to remind you who tf you are. We get real deep into our baddest bitchdom then all the sudden somebody's fine ass son comes up saying all the things we want to hear, with 'Fire & Desire' Drake which literally sends us straight into a throw, throw back ' Hold me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me' Mel Carter, cause you know how it is when someone's fine ass son starts telling you all the things you want to hear, LOL. Now we in love.

But not for long because 'Roaring 20s' Flo Milli brings us back to reality, somebody's fine ass son words ain't been matching his actions and we rich bitch- nobody got time for that.

I curate my monthly playlists pretty much everyday, whether I am cooking, cleaning, working etc. so I feel like they're a good listen for any occasion. I always enjoy story telling with a playlist and I am super curious to see how you interpret the rest of the tracks. If you're willing and able have a listen or 30 then come back and leave a comment on you're listening experience.

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