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The Mission.

The written mission below has evolved over the years in very small ways but it still holds true to my heart and purpose. I love working with young people because they are still so close to god. Sometimes when I think about the current state of adults I lose hope, but when I look at young people I feel confidence that things can better. All I really want to do is inspire the young people I created. A tough challenge for a woman raising young men, but I know they'll understand the value in everything I've accomplished when they're older and wiser. For now it seems I'm just mom and that's ok. It's also why I expanded my vision to include their peers, our neighbors and any young person I cross paths with. Sometimes I feel like a Disney princess (quick to tell them I am a good witch) when I have interactions with small children, it's a surreal experience that I am grateful for.


To Inspire young people to be the change they want to see in this world .

To partner with local entrepreneurs and organizations in creating high quality experiences and businesses.

To create space for and celebrate, the displaced and under-represented communities of Seattle through these partnerships.

To create opportunities for those communities to control, manage and own space in a city that has rapidly gentrified.

To honor our elders and ancestors by continuing to build on the foundation they laid for future generations.

To lead with love, celebrate more and sing!

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