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Tidal Playlist: Jan. 2021

First #Tidalmusic playlist of the year!

This playlist is predominantly a sexy vibe with some classic throwbacks that really boosted my vibe this month. Shoutout to @Thehoodhealer for the 'Get throwed' inspiration during the Pisces forecast earlier this month.

So 2020 I didn't spend much time listening to new music, Blame it on COVID I guess.

I think I found some comfort in the albums and songs I knew well.

However, 2021 I am dedicating some time daily to checking out new tracks (my old custom) so that I can get create us a well balanced monthly playlist.

Gentle reminder these playlists are NOT meant to shuffle.

I hope you enjoy the tracks!




Special thank you to @onedesertflower for the recommendation on track 1!

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