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My Year In Music | 2019

Whew, and what a year it was full of growth and learning.

We are now two weeks into 2020; and I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world.

People often ask me how I am able to "do it all".

Truth be told there are many methods, mantras, tips and tools I use to keep my spirit full as I navigate life. It's my intent to show more and more of that information with you as we go, for our first time together though; I will share with you how essential music is to my grind and how I utilize playlists to keep me going in my daily life.

In 2018 I started creating playlists that consisted of new songs that I was obsessed with plus the occasional classic from my collection on Tidal. In 2019 I started making them monthly. Each playlist is strategically curated for mine and your listening pleasure. I literally sit and listen to how each song transitions into the next, often moving tracks up and down to catch the right vibe. Sometimes new favorites have to be cut or an a favorite oldie creeps up to make the list.

I am one of those people who will listen to the same track on repeat for an obscene amount of time; I am also the person who goes back to my favorite albums on a regular basis. It's sometimes hard for me to get into new music when my favorites give me the feeling I am looking for. Luckily, Tidal's expertly curated playlists keep me hip, and are where I go to find new tunes.

At the end of the year I combined all of my monthly playlists in to one 2019 master playlist.

Which brings us here to my first blog post where I would like to share with you my 2019 in music.

2019 was an amazing year for me. I fell 100% in love with myself and much of that was with the help of music. On another day I will share with you my self love playlist, but for now please enjoy "My Year in Music: 2019" (link)

Tidal users can click the link above to open in the app.

Non Tidal users... Get you an account for the culture! But if you are unable you can get a sample taste below.

Happy listening!



P.S. These songs are in order from Jan-Dec, and I've curated them so that all you have to do is press play. No shuffle for this baby. If you're interested in individual playlists by the month send me a message and I'll get you a link.

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